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Funny Or Scary – Choosing The Right Halloween Costume

Every October 31st,Funny Or Scary – Choosing The Right Halloween Costume Articles there is something for everyone, and there is no obligation to buy everyone in your family presents, unlike certain yuletide themed holidays near the end of the year. Halloween is just a time when you and your friends or family can get together for scary movies, bobbing for apples, trick or treating and hayrides. One of the most common Halloween traditions is dressing up in a special costume. But the debate has long raged among Halloween enthusiasts: should you dress up in something funny or something scary? To answer this question completely, observe a few common but different Halloween scenarios that you may find yourself in.

The Office Halloween Party

When you are heading to a Halloween Party among co-workers, you have to realize that not everyone is going to share the same affinity for the spookier parts of the holiday. While they may not have too difficult of a time with a fall celebration, the meaning behind the original Halloween and the Pagan background is liable to offend many people. While there is nothing wrong per se with a scary costume, you may wish to go the funny route instead by dressing as a favorite sitcom or comedy film character.

The Church Halloween Party

These costume parties are often called “Fall Festivals” instead of “Halloween Parties,” and dressing up in a scary costume may not go over as well halloween bar ideas as it would in other situations. Again, pay attention to the overarching theme and the attendees that will be there. Avoid purposefully offending someone because, after all, if you’re celebrating with these people, then you likely don’t have anything against them in the first place. Why make waves?

The Friendly Halloween Gathering

When you are hanging out with your closest friends and/or family, you should feel free to be who you are and to dress accordingly. Of all three scenarios presented here, this one is probably the best time to break out the Nosferatu masks and the Boltneck Monsters. Especially enticing is the possibility of attending a haunted house or Halloween carnival with your friends after you meet up. Get in to the spirit of the day by exercising the best creativity that you can. One expecting couple made light of their impending childbirth by having the female dress as an oven and the male dress as a chef. Fun is the major objective.

While you may be hesitant about wearing a scary costume over a funny one, remember that a “funny” costume that doesn’t register can be especially embarrassing. Depending on the situation, either of these costumes are your best bet for making a memorable entrance and becoming the life of your party.