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Types of Ceiling Lights – Where To Use What!

Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior designing. With proper lighting,Types of Ceiling Lights – Where To Use What! Articles you can change the tone of any room, create a new feel and accentuate its décor. The chief source of light in any home are the ceiling lights.

These ceiling lights come in assorted types, from simple 1-light fixtures to grand chandeliers for different purposes. Now, the tricky part is to pick the right light source to complement your needs. Here are a list of different ceiling light types and few ideas about where you can use them. Check it out!


Chandeliers can add a luxurious feel to any room with its ambient lighting. They are great for entryways, foyers, living rooms and kitchens. A traditional style chandelier with clusters of jewel drops or crystal beads will enhance the beauty and grandness of your home with its dazzling glow. You can add a contemporary chandelier with multiple spiky bulb strands or glowing orbs over kitchen islands for a warm feel.


If you’re looking for a good alternative for bulky chandeliers, then you can go for pendant lights. They come in all sizes ranging from mini pendant lights to long drop-down models with different lamp shades like fine linens, silks, parchment, fostered glass and crystal. You can use them in the office, kitchen, living room, bathroom or your kid’s room. Inverted pendants are perfect for ambient lighting whereas down-lights are commonly used for task lighting.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Would you like to add a touch of radiance to your patio, bedroom, hallway, porch or closet? Get some Flush mount ceiling lights. They are ideal for creating ambient lighting in a soft glow in low ceiling rooms.. You can also set up an array of flush globe pendant light or semi-flush mount lights to bring more brightness wherever you need.

Track Lights

Track lights are purely for accent lighting set-ups. If you’re a person who loves to collect artworks or sculptures, you may need tract lights to highlight the artistic touch. These lights help to bring a focus of attraction on the point of interest. If you need a customizing option, then go for flexible track lightings, they even feature curvy fixtures for a decorative effect.


Planning to accentuate your home décor with ceiling lights? Then visit any online site to explore the ocean of beautiful, decorative ceiling light collections ranging from modern to traditional styles and choose the ideal set for your home.